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Mental health and cryptocurrency
Nealene Orinick

Bringing Awareness to the Mental Health of Crypto

Mental health issues have always been a concern in the financial and entrepreneurial communities. Despite more attention being brought to mental health problems and the numerous celebrities speaking out about it, a stigma still hangs over admitting to mental health struggles.  The advent of cryptocurrencies with its large population of amateur and young investors has contributed to an increase in mental health problems in this country and globally. 

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Jamie Holmes

Bitcoin Set to Post First Weekly Loss Since July As Crypto Market Cools Off

After posting 5 consecutive weeks of gains, it seems as if the price of bitcoin is cooling off and is set to post the first red weekly candle since mid-July 2021. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization is pretty much unchanged since last week (but remains above $2 trillion) and the volatility of most coins is starting to decline, suggesting traders should start paying attention before the next big move occurs.

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Jamie Holmes

Market Update – Week of August 16th, 2021

The fundamentals for Bitcoin are continuing to improve as the leading cryptocurrency looks set to post a 5-week winning streak, the longest series of green candles on the weekly timeframe since October 2020. A rise to $50,000 and beyond is on the cards for bitcoin if this week’s high at $48,000 is overcome. Elsewhere in the cryptocurrency market, several large-caps reached all-time highs and Ethereum regained the important $3,000 handle.

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Blockchain innovation in the coffee industry
Holly Moore

Power to the People Through A Cup of Coffee

Coffee Shift Inc., a Bay Area-based start-up, is bent on rectifying the gross inequity within the coffee trade by shifting the balance of power from corporations back to the bean growers through the use of the blockchain system.

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Paraguay and Carlos Rejala to push crypto support?
Gabriel Negrin

Paraguay’s Crypto Future: Will It Take Hold?

The influence of cryptocurrency appears to be getting stronger by the day. With that comes news of a recent development in Paraguay, a Latin America country with already a bit of a backstory in terms of mining and cryptocurrency.

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