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Crypto Tax Regulation
Holly Moore

Cryptocurrency Tax Regulation & Compliance: Part 3

This is a continuation of a recent feature interview with Jason Tyra, CPA.  Part 1 covered the top emerging trends in efforts to regulate crypto taxes.  Part 2 covered the biggest mistakes crypto users are making when it comes to reporting taxes.  

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Paul McNeal

Exchanges are Exploding: Week of October 4th

The dolla dolla bills keep rollin’ in y’all! Over $1B once again flows into decentralized finance, NFTs, and a variety of other projects in the Blockchain industry. The big haul this week is from NFX which is a venture firm exclusively focused on pre-seed & seed-stage startups. However, the theme this week is exchanges and funds.

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Paul McNeal

NFT Nation

It would have been hard to beat last week’s Blowout Billions if it had not been for the $1B that flowed into Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology projects this week. NFT, Metaverse, DeFi, and Gaming by far were the winners as those sectors continue to gain attention from investors. 

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Autumn is around the block
Brittany VanDerBill

Fall Is Around The Block: Mental Health Tips

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. In honor of this awareness and prevention effort, this article will explore a few ways to help us all take better care of our mental health. And, if you have a friend who is struggling, feel free to share these resources with them as well. 

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Paul McNeal

Crazy Crypto Cash!

From companies raising money to funds, nearly $2B is going to work on Blockchain Technology and Digital Assets. However, not all the funds have been put to work. As you can see below, we have a lot of funding being set up. So they are in the process of raising the funds indicated. That said, over $1B is fully committed. This is CrAzY! 

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the most dog and pet friendly cities
Brittany VanDerBill

Pet-Friendly Blocks of Cities

Pets are like family. They bring so much joy and entertainment to our lives, especially in recent months as we all spent more time at home. Some of our pets loved that extra quality time while others may not have appreciated it quite so much. Either way, people who live with pets generally love them. 

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