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what is a crypto airdrop?
Learn Crypto
Holly Moore

What Is A Crypto Airdrop?

In addition to traditional marketing efforts like social media campaigns, press releases, and white papers that provide important details about the project, Airdrops remains a popular promotional tactic designed to gain interest and quickly build a community of crypto enthusiasts.  The aim of a company airdrop campaign is to increase coin ownership while encouraging usage and trading activity.  

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Crypto ATM becoming more mainstream
Gabriel Negrin

What Is A Crypto ATM? How Does It Work?

n the amazing world of cryptocurrency, the easier it is, the better. In the beginning, crypto was extremely hard. Now that bar is lower with the ability to buy or sell various cryptocurrencies on your way home through the use of crypto ATMs.

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The importance of protecting your privacy and information
Steven Trapp

What’s Your Social Security Number?

Many of us think that we are keeping ourselves safe online when we should be more careful. We often fail to understand or realize all of the information we are freely giving out. Protecting the information that we share online is as crucial as protecting our own Social Security Numbers.

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The risks of using the same crypto address repeatedly
Learn Crypto
Gabriel Negrin

The Risk of Repeatedly Using The Same Crypto Address

When talking about money, the first thing that comes to mind is security. We will always have that hidden voice inside of us wondering if our money is safe. With cryptocurrencies, this concern is even higher. Yet, many newcomers are unaware of one of the biggest risks: Repeatedly using the same crypto wallet address.

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Crypto adoption is becoming mainstream
Learn Crypto
Gabriel Negrin

Get Woke, Spend Crypto

Picture this —- Crypto sitting in your wallet. The market is rising to unimaginable heights. You’re happy about your earnings. But suddenly there’s that voice

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Monero (XMR) 225.38 2.79%
Terra (LUNA) 9.43 12.67%
Aave (AAVE) 299.73 0.43%
EOS (EOS) 3.76 2.35%
cETH (CETH) 46.03 4.34%
FTX Token (FTT) 31.53 8.37%
Amp (AMP) 0.069347 3.14%
Cosmos (ATOM) 11.54 2.83% Coin (CRO) 0.124471 6.35%
Shiba Inu (SHIB) 0.000006 0.20%
PancakeSwap (CAKE) 14.83 3.36%
LEO Token (LEO) 2.90 1.15%
Algorand (ALGO) 0.847891 0.45%
The Graph (GRT) 0.563318 3.07%
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Celsius Network (CEL) 6.02 3.64%
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Maker (MKR) 2,666.44 4.05%
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IOTA (MIOTA) 0.841535 11.19%
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