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crypto hustle on the rise in North America
Nealene Orinick

Dancing The Crypto Side Hustle

When the COVID-19 virus shut down millions of businesses and put tens of millions out of work, many of those who lost their jobs began looking for side hustles to make money. Along with freelancing and other gig work some people turned to trading cryptocurrencies. A small percentage of those folks are not planning on ever going back to work full-time due to unexpected success in the crypto space.

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Ledgermatic provides the lowest cost global payment routes and a full suite of liquidity, risk and finance products denominated in digital assets
Holly Moore

Ledgermatic and the Evolving World of Digital Treasury

On July 15, 2021, Ledgermatic, a digital treasury management solution, announced its compatibility with the Algorand ecosystem. Businesses using the Algorand network with the Algo token are able to leverage Ledgermatic’s custodian and back-office finance solution. 

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PHP Based NFT Projects
Daniella Davis

The Meteoric Rise of PFP Based NFT Projects

We are currently witnessing a proliferation of PFP ( Profile Picture)/generative NFT projects launching in the last couple of weeks. In fact, there are people jumping from one to the other and flipping NFTs full time. In this brief article, we will take a deeper dive into some of the popular projects.

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Paul McNeal

Puttin’ That BOP In It

Paul here, reporting to you about the week of July 19th.  Great News — Investors have delivered some BOP to Defi and Blockchain projects this week with another ‘Billi’ going to work in the space. This time it’s DriveWealth which pulled in the lion share ($400 “Milli”) to help fuel the boom in retail stock trading. In stride, LMAX Group headed up by David Mercer, pulled in $300 “Milli” to become the preeminent player in global capital markets as well as the market leader of FX and cryptocurrency trading. 

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Crypto's surge in Latin America
Alejandra Corbella

Charting Crypto’s Surge In Latin America

Since El Salvador’s announcement to make Bitcoin legal tender, politicians in Latin America have been active in showing support to this new economy, one that will make Latin America a hub for crypto innovation.

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Doge Co-Creator Jackson Palmer versus Nick Saponaro
Michael Scott

Doge Co-Creator Jackson Palmer’s Twitter Tirade: Divi’s Nick Saponaro Weighs In

Last week Jackson Palmer, the co-creator of Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency Doge, went on a Twitter tirade to condemn the industry. He labeled it “a coordinated scam to move unsophisticated money into the hands of the super-rich.” Ignoring the obvious irony that he created a coin that has been central to attracting ordinary people to the space, (not his fault but still), here Nick Saponaro, co-founder and CIO of decentralized payment ecosystem, Divi, breaks down some of Jackson’s points

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