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Paul McNeal

Six Million Dollar Projects

Shy of the normal trend, only $245MM flowed into digital asset projects. That said, it seems that $6MM was the magic number since 3 different projects received that level of funding. These monies will be directed toward NFTs, taxes, and a platform to help investment advisors who are the gatekeepers to trillions in capital. 

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Bitcoin SV 51% Attack
Gabriel Negrin

The Bitcoin SV 51% Attack: A Roadblock To Satoshi’s Vision?

Bitcoin SV, the Bitcoin Cash fork of the (in)famous Craig Wright and nChain, is back in the news. And not exactly for a good reason. gust 2nd, the security lights went on. There was a first attack — unsuccessful, but enough to raise eyebrows. And it didn’t take the attackers much longer to exact more damage for on August 3rd, Bitcoin SV experienced a 51% attack, compromising the integrity of its blockchain data.

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Elizabeth Warren vs Cryptocurrency
Jasper Hamill

Senator Elizabeth Warren: “Crypto Is Controlled By ‘Shadowy Super-Coders.’”

Senator Elizabeth Warren has claimed that cryptocurrencies are controlled by “shadowy faceless groups of super-coders”. She made this astonishing statement at a hearing organized by The Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs called “Cryptocurrencies: What Are They Good For?” It was here where she questioned crypto advocates and their belief that blockchain-based currencies can build a better financial system.

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tips to help recover lost crypto passwords
Holly Moore

Lose Your Wallet Password? Here’s Where To Start The Recovery Journey

The basic steps in recovering your password, if not recorded, misplaced, forgotten, or physically destroyed, is to try logging in with every possible password or combination of versions you might have used.  If you were required to set up a 12 or 24-word recovery phrase, this process offers a slightly different set of parameters to navigate. 

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Are you being digitally tracked?
Nealene Orinick

Are You Being Digitally Tracked? Here’s What To Do.

There are more than 200 apps and services available today that act as surveillance tools with capabilities ranging from basic location tracking to intercepting texts, secretly recording videos, and various other forms of digital monitoring. Early apps were designed for keeping track of one’s children or finding a lost phone. Now many of these tracking apps are being used to stalk people surreptitiously, tracking their whereabouts, reading personal messages, secretly recording their phone conversations, and stealing passwords to financial and social media accounts, among other nefarious uses. 

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Pressure on Binance increases as regulation comes down on CZ and his exchange
Gabriel Negrin

Bring It On! —World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Welcomes Regulation

Unlike traditional investment markets, crypto doesn’t take a rest. Every day there is more and more news coming from this field. Some of it is good, some not so good. With respect to the latter, Binance and its CEO have now been cast into the spotlight. This the world’s largest crypto exchange has opened its arms to regulations. And while that may be good for the market, several problems have arisen. 

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