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Elizabeth Warren vs Cryptocurrency
Jasper Hamill

Senator Elizabeth Warren: “Crypto Is Controlled By ‘Shadowy Super-Coders.’”

Senator Elizabeth Warren has claimed that cryptocurrencies are controlled by “shadowy faceless groups of super-coders”. She made this astonishing statement at a hearing organized by The Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs called “Cryptocurrencies: What Are They Good For?” It was here where she questioned crypto advocates and their belief that blockchain-based currencies can build a better financial system.

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Pressure on Binance increases as regulation comes down on CZ and his exchange
Gabriel Negrin

Bring It On! —World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Welcomes Regulation

Unlike traditional investment markets, crypto doesn’t take a rest. Every day there is more and more news coming from this field. Some of it is good, some not so good. With respect to the latter, Binance and its CEO have now been cast into the spotlight. This the world’s largest crypto exchange has opened its arms to regulations. And while that may be good for the market, several problems have arisen. 

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blockchain innovation
Nealene Orinick

So, What’s Around The Block?

A blockchain is most simply described as a digital ledger for keeping track of transactions and information. Like a Google doc (an oversimplified example) once a blockchain is created and shared over a network everyone on that network has access to it.

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Paul McNeal

Don’t You Dare Blink!

$922.6MM – Oooh so close. Just shy of the $1B mark for this week. Fireblocks is the winner this week, hauling in $310MM to support their efforts in removing the complexity of working with digital assets. 

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Ledgermatic provides the lowest cost global payment routes and a full suite of liquidity, risk and finance products denominated in digital assets
Holly Moore

Ledgermatic and the Evolving World of Digital Treasury

On July 15, 2021, Ledgermatic, a digital treasury management solution, announced its compatibility with the Algorand ecosystem. Businesses using the Algorand network with the Algo token are able to leverage Ledgermatic’s custodian and back-office finance solution. 

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CityCoins generating yield with BTC and STX
Evelina Lavrova

CityCoins Ambitious Crusade to Fuel Cities

Since the pandemic, many cities, particularly large urban locales like San Francisco and New York have experienced a major transformation. Same with places like Austin and Miami. So how can people support cities and earn crypto? Enter CityCoins, a new solution for people to support their favorite cities and grow their crypto treasury. An initiative versus a partnership with a city, this new solution will support favorite cities and reward users.

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