Why do we travel?

Why Do We Travel? My Reflections

My reason for traveling is not to withdraw from life. I travel so that life does not withdraw from me. This led me to ponder my post-nomadic life– losing my job, the heartbreak, the loneliness, the confusion.

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The future of tiny homes

The Big Future For Tiny Homes

Outside of having not turned on a television or opened a (digital) newspaper in a while, you probably know that tiny houses are a thing. Plenty of media coverage gets thrown at this innovative form of housing, whether it be a reality show perspective or a simple news piece on who uses them and why.

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Hotels accepting Bitcoin in Las Vegas

Just “A Bit” of Las Vegas

Ah, Viva Las Vegas, right? Las Vegas is a hell of a destination. Its edgy vibe is unmatched. And it has everything you need: good food and amazing shows. But did you know that there are hotels that accept Bitcoin?

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Taking steps to improve our carbon footprint on Earth

Taking Steps Toward Negating Our Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprints are the greenhouse and carbon dioxide gases emitted by products manufactured, produced, and transported to consumers. This footprint encompasses coffee beans, chocolate, cars, and other commodities that wreak havoc on our environment. It includes a series of impacts involving climate change, air pollution, deforestation, forest fires, plastic wastes, coral reefs, and marine ecosystem contamination (skip that tuna sandwich).

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Tepache, the perfect fruity summer drink

Tepache: The Perfect Summer Sip

First and foremost, you may want to know what exactly you’ll be drinking when you consume tepache. It’s similar to kombucha in that it’s a fermented beverage. However, tepache is most often made from pineapples and spices.

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