High rates of unemployment

Is Your City Recovering From High Rates of Unemployment?

Unemployment rates reached historical highs at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with people forced to stay at home and millions of businesses shut down. In April of 2020, the national unemployment rate was 14.8%, the highest ever reported since record-keeping for it began in 1948. 

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Blazing Hot Women's Fashion Trends

Blazing Hot Women’s Summer Fashion Trends

Thankfully, those cringe-worthy fashion and beauty trends haven’t resurfaced this summer. (Though I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some version of them make a comeback one day.) However, there are some great fashion trends from the 90s popping up in this summer’s on-trend styles. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane as we explore summer’s fashion trends for women.

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Are you being digitally tracked?

Are You Being Digitally Tracked? Here’s What To Do.

There are more than 200 apps and services available today that act as surveillance tools with capabilities ranging from basic location tracking to intercepting texts, secretly recording videos, and various other forms of digital monitoring. Early apps were designed for keeping track of one’s children or finding a lost phone. Now many of these tracking apps are being used to stalk people surreptitiously, tracking their whereabouts, reading personal messages, secretly recording their phone conversations, and stealing passwords to financial and social media accounts, among other nefarious uses. 

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Cybersecurity and cryptocurrency

Jesse Miller’s Ed Tech Odyssey

Unlike many in the tech world, Jessie Miller was unable to pursue a formal 4-year college degree due to his family’s economic situation. That in part is what drives his passion to make a difference in the world today around workforce development and digital technology systems.

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crypto hustle on the rise in North America

Dancing The Crypto Side Hustle

When the COVID-19 virus shut down millions of businesses and put tens of millions out of work, many of those who lost their jobs began looking for side hustles to make money. Along with freelancing and other gig work some people turned to trading cryptocurrencies. A small percentage of those folks are not planning on ever going back to work full-time due to unexpected success in the crypto space.

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