crypto and blockchain innovation in the fashion industry

Is Blockchain Making A Fashion Statement?

The world of fashion is quite incredible. Some people don’t mind paying big bucks for certain brand names or labels. In fact, many people would actually prefer to pay more money to know that their shirt or dress came from a label they love. And those labels aren’t cheap. 

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Blockchain innovation in the coffee industry

Power to the People Through A Cup of Coffee

Coffee Shift Inc., a Bay Area-based start-up, is bent on rectifying the gross inequity within the coffee trade by shifting the balance of power from corporations back to the bean growers through the use of the blockchain system.

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The good and the ugly of Artificial Intelligence

Living in an Artificially Intelligent World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is changing how we work and live. It is in nearly every industry and part of most people’s everyday life. As technology advances, its potential for having a positive impact on humanity is immense. That can also be said of the potentially negative impact it could have on people and our way of life.

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