Blockchain innovation in fitness

Bringing Fitness to the Blockchain of Wellness

Wellness can mean all sorts of things, from overall health to mental health to spiritual health to physical health and everything in between. It can often mean a more holistic focus on all of the above components, since they’re all connected in one way or another.

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Wine and how blockchain innovation

Wine, Warm Weather, and a Block Party

Wine is not just for savoring in the fall and winter. In fact, wine is just as good in warm weather as it is on cool, crisp autumn evenings. The key is to switch up your wine game a bit so that you have the right body and flavor for summer weather. 

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Supersonic Planes coming to the mainstream?

The Exciting New Flight Path of Supersonic Planes

If you think about it, travel can be an awesome leisure pursuit. We have certainly come a long way since the days of wagon trains and pioneers migrating out West in the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Back then, traveling just a few miles was a major undertaking and took a long time. 

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The global water shortage and the solution from WaterChain

The Global Water Shortage: Will It Alter Our Way Of Life?

Six years ago The Guardian published an article on the freshwater shortage and a looming global crisis. At the time of publication, residents of São Paulo, Brazil (once known as the City of Drizzle) were so desperate to find water that they were drilling through their own basement floors to access groundwater amid strict rationing policies. 

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The winery of the NFT age

Pouring a New NFT of Wine

Enter Hello Fam!, the first winery that’s creating NFTs with rarity-traits that are backed by real physical wine cases of wine that have been produced. Wine can be bought, sold, and traded while the wine is sold somewhere else. Or the NFTs can be burned to claim the wine. 

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