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Whether you like to learn through reading, listening, or watching videos, you must set aside time to acquire the necessary information. This page lists the finest Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Alt-coin books available on the market.
Information on Bitcoin, digital assets, and blockchain technology have gone from zero to hero in the last decade and these books are a great way to stay up to date!
Bitcoin & Black American
By: Isaiah Jackson

The American Dream is what many pursue inside and outside of it's culture, yet opportunity is not available to all. Isaiah Jackson breaks this down using Bitcoin as the ultimate tool for financial opportunity for "Black America", but ultimately the theme is valuable for anyone who reads this book. It shares his experiences learning about bitcoin and how all can change their mindset about finance. Also, the book includes a list of black-owned blockchain businesses around the world who all are represented by blockchain thought leaders with their products.

The Bitcoin Standard
By: Saifedean Ammous

Saifedean Ammous is known to have a background in traditional finance and education which gives him the perspective to accurately pinpoint why our global economy is changing so rapidly. He breaks down why he believes that Bitcoin will become the standard for money through the history, capitalism, time preference, sovereignty, and futuristic view of how BTC will dominate global finance. If you are a maximalist or not, you should read this book.

The Internet of Money
By: Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos is a straight shooter. He doesn't have an agenda other than truth and trust, which is what Bitcoin provides. These books are transcriptions of his live presentations which are very concise as they have to be for public events. If you make your way through these three books, your own perspective of finance, technology, governments, and banks will take a bit of a course correction, which is a necessity for anyone seeking to be successful in our financial and technological revolution via blockchain.

An Altcoin Traders Handbook
By: Nik Patel

The concept of trading cryptocurrencies is cool. Many want to do this as it's a great way to generate revenue and value in new ways. The truth is that if you don't understand something such as trading crypto assets, your risk cannot get any higher. This book by Nik Patel provides all of the education to help understand technical analysis about trading, which can be learned and applied while gaining understanding the global blockchain market. This is a key book to get your expertise focused on trading.

Bitcoin Billionaires
By: Ben Mezrich

Ben Mezrich is an accomplished author of fiction and non-fiction. This book follows the stories around Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in a cinematic style of writing and a narrative perspective. The experiences shared follows the Winklevoss twins through obtaining Facebook equity to becoming very early Bitcoin adopters, which made them as titled, "Bitcoin Billionaires". A classic read with a story that few know the details about.

* Key Area of the book: Chapter 7 - August 30 2012

Blockchain Revolution
By: Don & Alex Tapscott

Don and Alex Tapscott are Canadian entrepreneurs who entered early into the Blockchain industry. Instead of speculating and waiting, the actually define how blockchain fits into current and new business models blowing the doors off of archaic thinking about organizations and efficiency.

* Key Area of the book: Chapter 3 - Re-Inventing Financial Services AND Chapter 7 - August 30 2012

By: Chris Burnike & Jack Tatar

Owning cryptocurrencies is one thing. Investing in them is another, which is why Chris and Jack detail the nuances of managing digital assets. As an investors guide, this book explains how Bitcoin was born out of necessity due to economic collapse to perspectives on why blockchain technology is the future of investing, period.

* Key Area of book: Chapter 6 - The importance of Portfolio Management and Alternative Assets

American Kingpin
By: Nick Bilton

Two of the most important events in the history of Bitcoin include a pizza being bought with BTC and also the use of bitcoin on the Silk Road website. These events legitimized BTC as a currency. Nick Bilton compiled events of the life of Ross Ulbricht through time at college, to launching Silk Road to his capture and sentencing to prison. Ross is still currently in prison for operating the website with a double life sentence. Please visit www.freeross.org to learn of these events, the violation of Ross's civil rights and to sign the petition for his clemency.

* Key Area of the book: Chapter 60 - The Phone Call ( Where the FBI is discovering who was running the silk road website).of Portfolio Management and Alternative Assets

The Little Bitcoin Book

The Little Bitcoin Book is one of the simplest ways to understand BTC. Written by an all-star cast of crypto thought leaders, Timi Ajiboye, Alex Gladstein, Lily Liu, Alexander Lloyd, Alejandro Machado, Alena Vranova, Luis Buenaventura (Crypto Artist) and the organizer of the book who brought the team together Jimmy Song, well known for his public presence in the industry. From self-sovereignty to foreign aid and multiple Q&As, this book is one of the most concise deliveries about what Bitcoin is and why it is so important.

Key Area of the book: Chapter Five - A Tale of Two Futures (A Vision of how governments and money should work) 

Crypto Millionaire
By: Dan Conway

The struggle is real. Dan Conway shares his experiences in his book going through his corporate work while looking at cryptocurrencies as the exit from his day job thanks to being a crypto millionaire thanks for Ethereum. The book shares the highs and lows through work, family, marriage, trading, winning, losing and everything in between. The kicker here is how well Dan timed selling a large portion of his investments and the emotions tied to this, showing that you can't HODL 100% of your investments forever if you want to have financial freedom.

* Key Area of the book: Chapter 26: Now (When Dan sells ETH and becomes a millionaire. Note: His liquidity event provided financial freedom giving up larger profit potential down the road).

The Truth Machine
By: Michael J. Casey & Paul Vigna

Part of understanding how economics and finance work is by studying the past. Yet, this book by Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna looks into the future so we can understand what is to come. The vision of this book looks to solve social and economic problems that we currently have as a society.

* Key Area of the book: Chapter 6 - Enabling the fourth industrial revolution

Bitcoin Pizza
Samantha Raddcchia

Sam Rad as she is known wrote this quite extensively sized book for the world to understand the concepts and focused look at the world around Bitcoin and blockchain tech. This book is a fun read, which is a badge of honour in our industry while giving targeted concepts as to why blockchain works via trust, 

* Key Area of the book: Retrofitting - Secure Collaboration Among Competitors (This chapter clearly defines use cases that are and will be used extensively on a global scale. This is where business owners get the "ah-ha" moment).

Bubble or Revolution
By: Neil Mehta, Adi Agashe & Parth Detroja

Who better to write about applications of blockchain technology from experts who work in silicon valley with Microsoft, Google and Facebook? Neel, Add and Parth explain in this book why blockchain is a technological and financial revolution along with why it will change everything about tech industries, gaming, social networks, and more. 

* Key Area of the book: Case studies - Gaming, Cloud services with Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (AWS), Big Data, Internet of Things, Machine Learning.