Crypto and Agriculture

Cultivating The Blockchain of Farming

Farming is big business, and this is definitely not an overstatement. The agriculture, food and related industries made up about one trillion dollars of the United States’ total gross domestic product in 2019. And as with any other industry, farming and agriculture is one industry that has its own trends happening. 

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Poly Network Hacker

The Mind Of A $611M Poly Network Hacker

Crypto can be a difficult space to navigate. And if you’re not careful enough, you can lose your money. Even then, nothing can save you from a hack on a platform where you have your money housed or to an asset you’ve invested in. And that’s exactly what happened to the Poly Network community – a cross-chain protocol – which was recently hacked for $611 million in the largest DeFi intrusion to date. 

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It’s all Fun and GAMES In The Blockchain Investment World Until …

.someone drops $300MM into a fund. TRON, believe it or not, is putting the lion’s share of it to work in the gaming sector which continues to attract serious attention. This is followed by platforms to help institutional investors gain access to Digital Assets. Folks things are looking up! And we are back! $932.5MM went to work on Digital Asset projects and Blockchain Technology. 

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