The Coinbase IPO: A Change In Listing Policy?

Coinbase showing preference to high volume meme tokens like Doge and Shib

Coinbase was once the holy grail of exchanges for cryptocurrency. Once a coin or token was listed there, it was inevitable that the price was going to skyrocket. Today recent additions to the Coinbase Exchange have had less than impressive gains. This shift could easily be associated with what some are calling a bear market. However, others contend that the quality of projects and listings recently added to Coinbase has been less than stellar.

What’s Your Social Security Number?

The importance of protecting your privacy and information

Many of us think that we are keeping ourselves safe online when we should be more careful. We often fail to understand or realize all of the information we are freely giving out. Protecting the information that we share online is as crucial as protecting our own Social Security Numbers.

Can Blockchain Thwart Hackers?

can blockchain mitigate hackers?

Another day another cyber-attack. 2020 saw a drastic uptick in these “Cyber Pandemic” intrusions as most of the world faced lockdowns due to COVID.

Are Hackers Deflating DeFi?

Hackers and Defi, cryptocurrency scams

The first half of 2021 is nearly complete. The year started with hopes of moving past a global pandemic, and for many hopes of financial freedom achieved through cryptocurrencies, tokens, and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) investments. With this excitement, there has been both a huge increase in new tokens created as well as a dramatic increase in DeFi vulnerabilities exposed.