Puttin’ That BOP In It

Paul here, reporting to you about the week of July 19th.  Great News — Investors have delivered some BOP to Defi and Blockchain projects this week with another ‘Billi’ going to work in the space. This time it’s DriveWealth which pulled in the lion share ($400 “Milli”) to help fuel the boom in retail stock trading. In stride, LMAX Group headed up by David Mercer, pulled in $300 “Milli” to become the preeminent player in global capital markets as well as the market leader of FX and cryptocurrency trading. 

Week of July 12th: We’re Back on Track!

Welcome to the next edition of the Crypto Curator Block Party. I know this will be hard to believe but on Tuesday, there was barely any money indicated in the news. The good news is that the floodgates opened on Wednesday with reports of money being invested and flowing like a river to the tune of over $1B this week.

Week of July 5th: Let the Games BEGIN

Thanks once again for visiting the Crypto Curator Block Party. For the first time in months, funding for the blockchain and crypto project space failed to hit the half-billion dollar mark but the funds haven’t stopped flowing.

Fun and Games In The Investing World

Fun and games in the cryptocurrency investing world

Another week in the books. We didn’t quite hit the $1B mark but got pretty close: $762MM. There was a consistent flow of cash into the new world of decentralized finance. Most of the big money will fund Digital Asset and Blockchain projects backed by two of the largest companies in the payment space: Paypal and Visa.

Monster Money Momentum

Normally, I report that we’ve seen half a Billion or sometimes nearly a Billion. Well this week put all weeks to shame and it was primarily the result of one project which had a botch launch. Dig in to follow dat money!  Low Tier Crypto accounting platform Cryptio raised $1.2M in seed funding, which will be used to scale […]