The Health Hazards of Overworking

overworking in the digital age

Being overworked, exhausted, and making unhealthy diet choices is a common problem amongst America’s lowest-paid working class. We have all read the headlines about how many Americans are working two or three jobs, living paycheck to paycheck, and wrecking their health. What is less commonly read about is how many white-collar, seemingly very successful business executives like CEOs, entrepreneurs, and upper-middle-class people are just as overworked and unhealthy.

Is a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency in the Works?

Central bank and digital stable currencies

It’s being called the next big disruptive force in the financial industry, central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs. Countries as large as the United States and China to the tiny island nation of the Bahamas are exploring the possibility of a digital dollar and a potentially cashless society. 

The Global Water Shortage: Will It Alter Our Way Of Life?

The global water shortage and the solution from WaterChain

Six years ago The Guardian published an article on the freshwater shortage and a looming global crisis. At the time of publication, residents of São Paulo, Brazil (once known as the City of Drizzle) were so desperate to find water that they were drilling through their own basement floors to access groundwater amid strict rationing policies. 

Crypto Cars: The New Future Of Driving?

Crypto mining electric cars are the future

There’s a new eco-friendly ride in the works and instead of immediately depreciating the minute it leaves the assembly line it will mine bitcoin for you. 

Living in an Artificially Intelligent World

The good and the ugly of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is changing how we work and live. It is in nearly every industry and part of most people’s everyday life. As technology advances, its potential for having a positive impact on humanity is immense. That can also be said of the potentially negative impact it could have on people and our way of life.

Is Your City Recovering From High Rates of Unemployment?

High rates of unemployment

Unemployment rates reached historical highs at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with people forced to stay at home and millions of businesses shut down. In April of 2020, the national unemployment rate was 14.8%, the highest ever reported since record-keeping for it began in 1948. 

Are You Being Digitally Tracked? Here’s What To Do.

Are you being digitally tracked?

There are more than 200 apps and services available today that act as surveillance tools with capabilities ranging from basic location tracking to intercepting texts, secretly recording videos, and various other forms of digital monitoring. Early apps were designed for keeping track of one’s children or finding a lost phone. Now many of these tracking apps are being used to stalk people surreptitiously, tracking their whereabouts, reading personal messages, secretly recording their phone conversations, and stealing passwords to financial and social media accounts, among other nefarious uses. 

So, What’s Around The Block?

blockchain innovation

A blockchain is most simply described as a digital ledger for keeping track of transactions and information. Like a Google doc (an oversimplified example) once a blockchain is created and shared over a network everyone on that network has access to it.