Dancing The Crypto Side Hustle

crypto hustle on the rise in North America

When the COVID-19 virus shut down millions of businesses and put tens of millions out of work, many of those who lost their jobs began looking for side hustles to make money. Along with freelancing and other gig work some people turned to trading cryptocurrencies. A small percentage of those folks are not planning on ever going back to work full-time due to unexpected success in the crypto space.

Our Love Affair With Bikes

Our love affair with bicycles

Bicycles appeal to people of all ages. They can be a fun hobby, a mode of transportation, and even a career. Around the globe, people have been using bikes to commute, stay fit, and in competition for centuries.

Where To and Not To Live In The U.S: A “Wallet Hub” Report

Where To and Not To Live In The USA

If your zip code identifies your place of residence as Washington D.C., you live in one of the worst-run cities in the country. Conversely, if you call Nampa, Idaho home sweet home you are living in one of the best-run cities in America. You can also live pretty large just down the road in Boise, Idaho, ranked the second-best run city in the U.S. Maybe it’s the potatoes?

The Advantages of Paying for Travel with Cryptocurrency

The advantages of paying for travel with cryptocurrency

The use of cryptocurrencies for travel is becoming more common because of the many benefits it offers. The list of travel booking sites, airlines, hotel chains and retailers accepting crypto as payment is growing daily.

U.S. States Are Trying to Lure Crypto Miners: But Will They Succeed?

US States luring more crypto miners from china and the rest of the world

Kentucky lawmakers have recently introduced two bills offering generous tax breaks to lure crypto miners to the state in an effort to revitalize many of the state’s dormant coal fields in rural areas. The bluegrass state is not the only one looking to incentivize crypto miners to set up shop in their locale.

The Impact of Declining Global Birth Rates On World Economies

Declining birth rate and its negative effect on the economy

Global birth rates have been declining steadily for the past decade. As the planets’ human inhabitants continue to live longer the decline in birthrates, especially in developed countries, is causing alarm. The onset of a global pandemic in 2020 accelerated this trend with far-reaching consequences as yet to be fully understood.

Why Tom Brady Is Bullish On Bitcoin

Tom Brady bullish on Bitcoin future

Tom Brady, quarterback of the Super Bowl champs Tampa Bay Bucs has publicly joined the list of celebrities who are crazy for crypto. The football GOAT told the media that he’s a “big believer” in cryptocurrencies and has purchased digital coins but declined to say which ones specifically.

Is Cable TV in a Losing Battle with Streaming Services?

Is Cable TV dead? The future of streaming services

One of cable’s biggest rivals, Netflix, offered more original programming than the entire cable TV industry in 2020 according to an article in Variety. Subscription video on demand (SVOD) and other streaming services buoyed by COVID-19 crisis shutdowns jumped into the battle for customers offering free trial periods and low cost monthly subscriptions (especially if you are willing to sit through a few commercials).

Did The Bitcoin Gold Rush Bust?

Bitcoin and FUD, what is the future of BTC?

Bitcoin has been dropping steadily since mid-May and investors are turning to gold instead. Does this mean the end for cryptocurrencies? Probably not, but here’s a brief synopsis on what is driving cryptocurrencies down and bolstering gold.