Crypto Gets Game-Day Treatment

More Cryptocurrency and sports organizations collaborating

Cryptocurrency payment options are the rage these days. And the sports world is no exception.  After Tesla began accepting bitcoin for purchases, PayPal announced it would allow certain users to “Checkout with Crypto” and settle transactions with millions of businesses. (Read more on that PayPal announcement here.)   That trend has now found its way into Major […]

PayPal’s Latest Move: What Does It Mean For Crypto?

Would you buy goods or services using cryptocurrency? And, more specifically, using Bitcoin—which some have called a store of value and even “digital gold”?  Now this question has even more relevance in the real world.  On March 30, 2021, financial services giant PayPal announced that it is allowing its users with cryptocurrency holdings in the […]

Is There A Case Against Bitcoin Maximalists? 3 Smart Investment Perspectives

Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency in town. And investing in bitcoin isn’t the only way to make money in this space. All of this may sound like fighting words to people whoonlybelieve in Bitcoin. After all, Bitcoin, which launched in 2009, has continued to be the number one cryptocurrency by market cap (calculated by multiplying […]

5 Easy Ways to Talk to Friends and Loved Ones About Crypto

Spreading Bitcoin compassion to friends and family

What do you do when you want to share the promise of cryptocurrency with friends or loved ones…but they don’t get it?  Or they’re not really into it?  After all, some may have (falsely) heard that crypto is nothing but a scam. Or that it’s only used for nefarious purposes.  They may even ignore the […]