Satoshi, the World’s Largest Crypto Cruise Ship No Longer Accepts Bitcoin

World's largest cruise ship no longer accepting Bitcoin

Once upon a time, three idealistic crypto enthusiasts dreamed of building a utopian society aboard a ship called Satoshi. But the dream behind the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency cruise ship is sunk, with Satoshi now doomed to become a pleasure boat for single boomers where Bitcoin is not accepted as a form of payment. 

El Salvador’s Historic Catapult Into Bitcoin

El Salvador first nation to use Bitcoin as legal tender

El Salvador has become the first nation in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender, with cryptocurrencies now available from selected ATMs and accepted by the outlets of major multinational companies. 

Crypto Lone Star: Is Texas Becoming The U.S. Bitcoin Capital?

Texas increasing cryptocurrency adoption

Move over Wyoming… There’s a new challenger in town. Texas is now a serious contender in the race to become the crypto center of the U.S. following a wave of investment, pro-blockchain lawmaking, and Bitcoin-boosting political campaigning.