Bitcoin Defined

What is Bitcoin?

What is bitcoin? Where was it derived from? How does it work? Is it safe? 

After The Poly Network Hack: The Story of a 500K Bounty Program

PolyNetwork bug bounty

Recently, the Poly Network had to face the biggest network hack in DeFi history. A hacker known as MrWhiteHat stole people’s funds across blockchains. After being the victim of a $610 million hack, Poly Network took matters into its own hands by announcing a bug bounty program with Immunefi. 

What If You Had Invested $100.00….?

What if you invested 100 dollars in Doge and other investments?

What if I told you that if you had invested $100 a year ago, you would have thousands today? Well, it’s true. And the analysts at Traders of Crypto proved it in a recent report. 

Melanion Capital’s New ETF Roadmap In France

Bullish news for BTC in France

Thanks to the French investment management company Melanion Capital, bitcoin now has a French passport. Users can now launch a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). Great news for investors, traders, and crypto-users across the European Union, right?

The Mind Of A $611M Poly Network Hacker

Poly Network Hacker

Crypto can be a difficult space to navigate. And if you’re not careful enough, you can lose your money. Even then, nothing can save you from a hack on a platform where you have your money housed or to an asset you’ve invested in. And that’s exactly what happened to the Poly Network community – a cross-chain protocol – which was recently hacked for $611 million in the largest DeFi intrusion to date. 

Swedish Company Hops Into Blockchain Beer World

The blockchain beer world

We know about blockchain’s role in igniting the cryptocurrency revolution. But refresh a beer? How? Well, as it turns out blockchain improves the structure of the food safety traceability chain. 

The Bitcoin SV 51% Attack: A Roadblock To Satoshi’s Vision?

Bitcoin SV 51% Attack

Bitcoin SV, the Bitcoin Cash fork of the (in)famous Craig Wright and nChain, is back in the news. And not exactly for a good reason. gust 2nd, the security lights went on. There was a first attack — unsuccessful, but enough to raise eyebrows. And it didn’t take the attackers much longer to exact more damage for on August 3rd, Bitcoin SV experienced a 51% attack, compromising the integrity of its blockchain data.

Bring It On! —World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Welcomes Regulation

Pressure on Binance increases as regulation comes down on CZ and his exchange

Unlike traditional investment markets, crypto doesn’t take a rest. Every day there is more and more news coming from this field. Some of it is good, some not so good. With respect to the latter, Binance and its CEO have now been cast into the spotlight. This the world’s largest crypto exchange has opened its arms to regulations. And while that may be good for the market, several problems have arisen. 

Bitcoin to 50K Again? Two Industry Leaders Weigh In

BTC on its way to 50k?

Everyone knows how hard it is to predict how the crypto market is going to move.  With it being a relatively new type of asset class, it often comes with a lot of volatile periods that can be often irrational.