The Trailblazing Future of Cardano

By Jim Duffy

There’s a fantastic and unforgettable moment in a movie many of us remember and love.  Not only because of the stupendous utterance, but because of the man himself.  

That man was Robin Williams and the memorable and rousing burst of energy was “Good Morning Vietnam!”

A similar positive energy is in the air as we here at Gokhshtein kickoff a series of articles on Cardano.  So with that…..

Good Morning CAR-DAN-O!!!!

Throughout the coming weeks we will take a look at Cardano, a decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency project that is making waves throughout the world.  We will explore the project’s enigmatic and super clever founder Charles Hoskinson all the while taking a deep dive into the community, the tech, staking, pricing, partnerships, exchanges and of course, Goguen.  

For those who already hold the Cardano token (ADA) you’re probably already super-excited about this next phase of the Cardano rollout.  But, for all you curious and inquisitive cryptocurrency “newbies,” we will unpack what Goguen is, getting you up to speed before its launch.

Why Cardano? 

Put simply and in the plainest of terms, this project is a global game changer. Despite Cardano’s immense potential there are those on Twitter and online who fear its impact.  

This sort of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt)  is common throughout the crypto-sphere. So our hope is that articles like this will set the record straight.  Here, we’ll take a look underneath the bonnet of Cardano to see why we are giving it a new online voice.  

But before we jump into Cardano, let’s explore some basics. 

Blockchain technology is not new and is very much here to stay.  In many ways it’s akin to building a wood cabin by a lakeside —- where you’d create a concrete foundation and then build up the structure using timber.  

Over time, though, that timber might rot and become weathered.  So, each year you sand it down and paint it with creosote or timber paint to protect it from the elements. 

Yet the weather still takes its toll.  

Within a few years, you might need to replace a few panels with new wood.  You then have to blend these new panels in and ensure that the building is sound and watertight. A decade later, having had remedial work, the log cabin is not the building it used to be.  It has changed and been tinkered with.  

In short, if you wanted to buy it, you’d have no idea who worked on it and what has been replaced.  Think of this cabin as pre-blockchain, just like the legacy systems that are used in our banks today.

Now, let’s build another structure.  This time we’ll create a concrete floor and begin using bricks and mortar to build.  As you can imagine, the bricks don’t move an inch over a decade and no-one can tamper with them.  They are solid, permanent and stand the test of time and scrutiny.  

My friends, this is what a blockchain resembles and why projects like Cardano are not only built on solid foundations, built to last and unbreakable, but store everything that is and will happen within these bricks.  This is what today’s new financial systems are being built on — Blockchain’s whole new approach to security, resilience and trust.  

Believe me, this is just the start….

And guess what!  Cardano is being created on one of the most technologically advanced blockchains ever built.  Seriously, this specific blockchain has been created and engineered to hold the whole global banking system in its cradle, while at the same time providing NASA with space grade digital foundations for the future.  That is how technologically competent Cardano is and why it has not rushed out to the “market” with a half-baked product that is then iterated or fixed on the fly. 

One way to think of this is the development of the automobile. Fifty years ago, mechanics and technicians worked with spark plugs, points and chokes when building engines.  Cars were always breaking down and unreliable.  

I even recall my dad getting our car serviced and how basic it all felt.  Forward to today and we have engine management systems that monitor, adjust and finesse vehicle performance every second the engine is turning. It  manages navigation, air-conditioning, driver behaviour and so much more.  There are some cars, in fact, that don’t even need to be serviced for three years!  

This computer “brain” that we have created, Cardano, has now been engineered digitally into its blockchain.  It is one of the primary reasons why the Cardano community is so excited about this “galactic” blockchain coming to market with a vengeance in 2021.

I started investing in Cardano at 3 cents for one ADA.  I believe in it , the amazing team across the globe that is building it, marketing it and creating what I genuinely believe will be an asset to the human race within the next 20 years.  As we dive deeper into Cardano over the coming weeks, you’ll begin to understand how powerful it is and why I consider myself an advocate, supporter, and ambassador, not just an investor.  

In our next installment we’ll look at Cardano’s leadership structure and team.  Let’s face it if you were going to invest your hard earned money in any asset, you’d want to know who was running the show right?  For Cardano that guy is Charles Hoskinson and you will get to know him a lot more on your blockchain journey.  

Stay safe and I’ll be back at ya soon.

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