Your gateway into emerging markets.

Meet the
CR8 Wallet

Crazy8Token (CR8) is the leading payment solution for casinos and their customers in emerging markets around the globe

Crazy8Token is powered by the CasinoCoin blockchain

Your gateway into emerging markets

Delivered by a global team of iGaming, blockchain and payments experts, Crazy8Token aims to connect the dots between players and online casinos in emerging markets

For Players

Instant deposits & withdrawals

Typically taking 3-5 seconds to confirm

Access multiple platforms

All within a single personal wallet

Simple rewards & bonuses

Pushed directly within the wallet

In-app Fiat pairings

It has never been easier!

For Casinos

The lowest transaction fees

Costing less than 0.25 CSC per tx

Access a large player pool

Who are ready to start playing

Offer better incentives

Easily onboard more players

Safeguard player’s funds

Full blockchain traceability

Your players deserve more

Let us help you with offering your players a better gaming experience, an experience that can help your brand increase traffic, improve retention and gain incremental revenuesView Deck


  • George McIntosh
  • George McIntosh, Managing Director
  • Matthew CheethamMatthew Cheetham, Operations


  • David Zhou
  • David Zhou, CFO, Empire Gaming
  • Lee Astin
  • Lee Astin, MD,
    Astin Accounts Solutions
  • Paul Murphy
  • Paul Murphy, MD of UK & Ireland,
  • Ivonne Montealegre
  • Ivonne Montealegre, Founder,
    Malta Poker Festival
  • Mark Idea
  • Mark Idea, Legal Consultant
  • Nigel Thompson
  • Nigel Thompson, Director of Compliance,
    Empire Gaming


 What is Crazy8Token (CR8)? What is Opibis? How do I purchase Crazy8Token? What exchanges will be listed & when? Do I need to complete Know Your Customer (KYC)? Can I earn bounties or rewards? I am an operator. How can we work together? Which wallets are available? Will you increase the total supply of Crazy8Token? Are you licensed? Do you have an online gaming licence? Are you hiring?


  • Crazy8Token
    c/o Opibis OÜ
    Sepise 1. Tallinn 11415
  • Operating licenses#FVR001490 & #FRK001370Financial services, providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency & providing a virtual currency wallet service

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