Week of July 12th: We’re Back on Track!

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Welcome to the next edition of the Crypto Curator Block Party.  I know this will be hard to believe but on Tuesday, there was barely any money indicated in the news.  The good news is that the floodgates opened on Wednesday with reports of money being invested and flowing like a river to the tune of over $1B this week. 

Take a look though at the news about the drop of Revolut and Sorare, which accounts for $1.2B alone. The flow of money this week went mainly toward trading & DeFi platforms, wallets, mobile payments, etc. Basically, this will help to fuel the financial system infrastructure that the next generation will use without consideration for where we are today. 

Low Tier ($34.4MM)

Thales raised $2.5MM for a binary options platform in the Synthetix ecosystem. 

Australian government awarded $4M in grants to two blockchain startups (Everledger & Convergence.tech.) 

PancakeSwap Of Polygon? DinoSwap raised $4.7MM from top DeFi funds and MATIC Founder. 

Crypto staking protocol ClayStack raised $5.2MM in a SAFT sale. 

Ethereum-based money streaming protocol Superfluid raised $9MM in seed funding. 

Andreessen Horowitz led a $9MM Series A round for Crypto wallet Phantom

Mid Tier ($216MM)

Nifty’s launched a NFT-focused social media platform with $10MM in seed funding. 

Argentinian Crypto exchange Buenbit raised $11MM to expand operations on the continent. 

Ethereum-based interoperability network Connext raised $12MM in new funding. 

DEX developer Shipyard Software raised $21MM for its first exchange, Clipper. 

Blockchain security firm CertiK raised $37MM to combat DeFi and crypto risks. 

Bit Mining raised $50MM to take operations out of China. 

Signal integrated MobileCoin raised $75MM at a $1 Billion valuation.

High Tier ($1.3B)

Fantasy soccer NFT platform Sorare reportedly closed in on $532MM in funding. 

Softbank $800MM investment for banking app Revolut.

One thing is for sure — if you dare blink you will miss the massive action taking place in this booming industry. The big money knows it and that’s why they continue to commit capital weekly. It appears that they are getting ahead of the curve. 

Are you?  

Paul McNeal
Paul McNeal

Paul McNeal aka “The Crypto Curator” is a Speaker, Brand Evangelist, and Technologist. He spent the earlier part of his career serving in the United States Navy Submarine Force working in communications. He co-founded a content curation startup that grew rapidly and was recently acquired. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin, becoming aware of it in 2011, and has since continued to monitor the developments of Blockchain Technology daily. Paul’s curation is hand-selected daily, and is featured in our newsletter and website every Friday!





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