Apple’s Co-Founder Steve Wozniak’s Sojourn With Crypto

Steve Wozniak and Crypto
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Cryptocurrencies are one of the greatest innovations we have seen since the internet. It all started with the growing popularity of Bitcoin. As the popularity of this digital currency grew, so did public interest. Today interest in bitcoin along with thousands of other cryptocurrencies continues to experience meteoric levels of mass adoption. 

People are asking questions like: “What are these tokens? How do they work? What’s the technology behind it?” Questions only really smart people are inclined to ask. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was one of them. 

In a recent interview with El Sol de Mexico, Woz as he is affectionately known stated that he believes in the future of bitcoin as a digital gold asset. He even goes as far as saying that bitcoin is better than gold. His comments came at a moment where things are not that clear for crypto. But he stands by his position. And he has been doing so since around 2018. 

Despite the fact that he supports bitcoin, there is no evidence to suggest that he owns any bitcoin. And to be fair, one doesn’t have to possess any coins in order to be fascinated by what it can do. So props to Woz for being able to say something from his heart without pumping the price. 

Wozniak Latest Development: Efforce and WOZX

Woz’s involvement with crypto doesn’t end there. Last year we were surprised by his launch of Efforce, an online platform driven by blockchain technology. It allows participants to profit from and trade the savings produced by energy-efficient projects worldwide. 

The platform uses tokens called WOZX. And what makes WOZX different from every project out there? Well, these tokens get their value mainly from the energy one saves. 

The Crypto of Climate Change?

The truth is, Wozniak recognizes that there is a climate issue. He pointed out that cryptocurrencies and blockchain can play a key role in fighting climate change by doing some financing.

According to Wozniak, part of the solution to this issue is within us. But he asserts that in order to lower our energy consumption, we must first change our habits. And what about the financing he mentioned before? Well, that money should be used for making energy improvements, if we want to save the environment. 

Woz’s Impact in The Crypto Space

Nonetheless, having such an important figure like Steve Wozniak not only supporting Bitcoin but also daring to create his blockchain-based platform and token means a lot to the cryptocurrency industry. 

On one hand, this signals his belief around investing in cryptocurrencies in the future. And now crypto can borrow a bit of his credibility. If Woz believes in crypto, why shouldn’t you too?





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