NFTs, Art, and Giving Artist’s Credit

crediting your artists
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By Danielle Davis

Art is everywhere.  It’s a part of our everyday lives. Yet we often don’t even realize it. 

Artists make almost everything you see, the logos, the banners, billboards, commercials, website designs, posters, and cartoons. All of that, and more. 

I often say that art is undervalued, and it is. But today’s emerging world of NFTs is allowing us the opportunity to change public perception around art and bring value to it. 

If we want people to learn to appreciate art, we need to show them what art is. We can help move public perception away from the narrow concept that only fine art is art. 

A friend of mine worked on one of the largest NFT projects out there. I have seen his NFTs sell for $70,000. But if he were to approach a project and tell them that he created this art, they would call him a scammer. Nowhere can you look on the project’s website and see that he was the artist. Often, the artist is the only member of the team that doesn’t get listed on the project’s team page of the website.

Artists shouldn’t have to start over after every job! Everyone should know that this is his art. 

I have never been a big fan of Paris Hilton, but she does something that few other celebrities do: Credit Her Artist.  Not just once, but EVERY SINGLE TIME. Interviews she’s done, in articles, on her website, or when showing or referencing the art, even verbally on podcasts, she makes sure to credit the artist. 

No doubt that she has changed that artist’s life.  

It didn’t hurt her in any way or cost her money. In fact, it has gained her respect. 

If Paris Hilton can do it, imagine how we could change things by doing so as well. 

NFT projects, most of all, should be leading the way on this, yet so few of them do!   

I am here today to start a new standard, where all projects start adding a section on the team page of the artists that work with them, even if only for one piece. Let’s help artists add to their resumes and avoid the grief of scammer accusations. 

So, CREDIT YOUR ARTISTS if you are running a project, particularly an NFT project.

It doesn’t matter if you found them on Fiverr, give credit to every single person that helped your dream come to life. 

It starts with project leaders, community leaders, and even with you and me stepping up to set a new standard. 

Let’s change the NFT space together.





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