Igniting a “Chainge Ready” Leap Into Digital Finance

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“Return on Investment” continues to be the predominant narrative in today’s financial world. Yet asset values rise and fall. Money is made and lost. Future yields show promise but are uncertain. 

The good news is that blockchain advancements are igniting a new era of market innovation, creating an on-ramp to the intersection between traditional financial services and cryptocurrency.

Poised at the epicenter of this movement is a rapidly emerging value transfer ecosystem known as FUSION. This highly anticipated DiFi ecosystem aims to bridge the centralized and decentralized worlds of digital finance. 

FUSION is laying the groundwork for a crypto-financial application platform that allows for the curation of multiple token types that freely interact through smart contracts and without intermediaries. Through a public chain that uses distributed nodes to control the private keys of myriad tokens, the ability to facilitate cross-chain smart contracts will be achieved. 

This allows FUSION to deliver interoperability and scaling solutions to centralized organizations and external data sources through a Internet of Values model. 

By fueling this next wave of DiFi innovation on the Blockchain, the Fusion protocol is poised to deliver a uniquely developed cost saving solution for business and commerce.  Through the interlinking of various forms of digital assets, their seamless integration with business and technical systems becomes a viable possibility 

FUSION is the brainchild of D.J. Qian, a prominent innovator and pantheon in the rapidly emerging world of blockchain finance. His firm BitSE was one of the early pioneers in the research and development of blockchain technology and mining. Since then, his startups have witnessed a spectacular run with two high profile blockchain projects Qtum and VeChain

Now enter FUSION

Says Qian: “Fusion is a landmark public chain for the new Internet of Values” era. Our solution offers an alternative to  traditional finance through the use of distributable bookkeeping nodes that generate and control private keys of various tokens and blockchains.”  

Playing a key role in this advancement is The Fusion Foundation, founded in 2018 with the intent of creating a borderless and connected financial system within the digital space. A key element in FUSION’s developmental trajectory is a cross chain and cross system solution known as Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM). In its 5.0 version, DCRM’s open source implementation features a flexible protocol for business and personal innovation in a flexible workflow environment. 

The Chainge Value Proposition 

Driven by the Fusion and Anyswap protocol, Chainge is thenewest development in the world of digital finance. As a forked infrastructure layer of Ethereum, this self-banking, smart contract centric application promises to fuel the next generation of crypto finance. 

Through its consumer friendly online platform, Chainge provides everyday users with the tools to effectively leverage the value of their wealth. 

With a bevy of advanced features, it promises to be more user friendly than other platforms or wallets in the digital stratosphere. Through its DCRM (Decentralized Control Rights Management) system, Chainge provides end users with state-of-the-art interoperability between chains, all within a single wallet. This comprehensive banking service has not been seen in any other mass market product model to date. 

With Chainge, users are not subjected to external custodians as Fusion’s DCRM wallet key fragmentation is able to sign multi-signature algorithms between chains on multiple nodes. This facilitates the secure storage of funds in the various smart contracts being utilized. 

Remarks Qian: 

“Chainge enables the everyday user to leverage the value in their wealth effectively. We promote the theme of ‘everyone could be a market maker’ by making the process of providing liquidity more user-friendly than seen on any web platform or digital wallet so far.”

Benefitting from Ethereum status as the go-to source for decentralised finance, Chainge is able to mitigate transaction costs with fees as low as 0.1%. In terms of yield, users will be offered an annual percentage rate of 8.32% for BTC and 16.18% for USDT deposits, with the ability to access their interest gains on a daily basis. 

A smart contract suite of services will also be available allowing users to initiate escrow, collateral and loan features. Through the use of these decentralized features, trust issues are totally eliminated. 

Chainge’s bold new footprint is emboldened by the belief that the time is now to embark on the future of digital finance. Having exceeded 1 million users on our waiting list, the Chainge team is excited about its launch which is set to commence on March 31st. 

On that date, the waiting list will have permanently closed. New users, however, will be able to enroll and utilize Chainge’s available website features such as Amplifier and Deposit to earn. Existing users who signed up prior to March 31st will still have account access and maintain their spot on the waiting list. 

In April 2021, users will be invited to test drive the application based on where they are on the list. The initial version of the Chainge app will be available to the first one-hundred users. 

The referral tool will also be live, although referral bonus tokens will no longer be rewarded. So feel free to encourage your community of friends and family to sign up and enjoy the advantages that the Chainge ecosystem has to offer. 

Trailblazing New Frontiers of Chainge Finance

The roadmap ahead is a promising one for Fusion. In coming months version two of the website will be launched  along with some additional value added features and fresh aesthetics. Highlighting this transformation will be the addition of new tools allowing users to amplify and make deposits in order to earn BTC, USDT and CHNG rewards. 

The next level of our development is the release of our application for mobile users. This advancement promises to exceed all expectations in terms of user interface and engagement. 

With all of this in place, Chainge will be poised to fully expand worldwide, unlocking fresh new opportunities through global markets. A key element of this will be our outreach to the worldwide business community offering enterprises the opportunity to boost their global presence and tools for automation. 

Join our revolution by enrolling today so you can begin earning and stay abreast of exciting new development in the Chainge community in ensuing days. 

Note: Trading and investing in digital assets is speculative and can be high risk. Based on the rapidly changing business and regulatory environment of this nascent industry, this content should not be viewed as investment or legal advice.





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