NFT’s go 2.0 with Post Malone and

Post Malone supporting Crypto with Fyooz for NFT collaboration
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February 16th 2021

By Ross Macdonald

The crypto industry has been popping off with NFT’s in the last 12 months like a pack of mentos in a coke bottle, not only in popularity, but also in value. If you aren’t clear about what this is, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It’s where a cryptocurrency typically built on Ethereum is made into a one of a kind art piece.

These are selling like hot cakes on platforms such as, and non NFT’s are been bought as collectables and for the use of trading within online markets. The price fluctuations are astounding, which can make for big profits and losses depending on what people are investing in.

The name of the game is scarcity, rarity and collectables, but is this all the only thing NFT’s are good for?

The next level of NFT’s 2.0 is VIP access to artists, brands and businesses. For example look at They have a new ERC20 Ethereum based token; FYZNFT. This token traded on Uniswap is one of the first tokens where NFT’s will be airdropped to users. Those who have over 10,000 FYZNFT will be a part of a club called “Fyooz Circle” who will receive exclusive NFT’s.

The greatest promotion so far with this token is for a winner to be selected to play beer pong with Post Malone! Now, NFT’s have graduated to being a part of a loyalty brand on top of a token. That is an impressive move as so many NFT’s stop at their simple trading and collectable options. Now, FYZNFT becomes a place for artists to drop a NFT allowing VIP access to an event, which is a piece of art in itself.

Back in the past, you would wear a wrist band to gain access to VIP areas at concerts, events or a cruise ship. Imagine having an NFT, scannable and verified on blockchain on your phone for this. Or for the next level, store your tokens on a medical grade RFID implant in your hand. No more wrist bands, and don’t worry about losing your phone in the pool at a VIP event. No NFT. No Access.

An RFID implant isn’t as rare as you would think. A friend of mine (Nathan) has one in each of his hands. One unlocks his computer, and the other one is for spending with his debit card.

Look at the first NFT2.0 uses with, from Post Malone, to Lil Yachty and Mustard:

Beyond this there is another program called Fyooz Moon Club which is a Telegram group who will receive exclusive NFT airdrops through a few different delivery methods.

The FYZNFT whitepaper is available with link below. It is a great read!

Watch for more news about NFT’s and FYZNFT here at Gokhshtein Media!





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