Litecoin Summit 2019 With David Schwartz of The Litecoin Foundation

LTC Summit with David Schwartz of The Litecoin Foundation
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What is your goal/purpose in hosting this event?
The Litecoin Summit is the perfect opportunity to bring together a rabid and devoted user/investor base. Litecoin has matured enough as a cryptocurrency to have this type of engagement at a high level, but this year especially has brought in many new supporters. To be able to provide a high quality engagement of technology, social impact and adoption in one place is wonderful.

What makes your event special and sets it apart from other events of its kind?
The Litecoin Summit encapsulates everything a person who follows the coin may want to see. From technology, to pro sports figures who are involved in the space, artists like VESA and even wonderful organizations like and UNICEF USA’s Kid Power. It has something for everyone. We understand Litecoin supporters’ interests are diverse. Our Summit should, and does, capture that.

What part of your event are you most excited about bringing to attendees?
I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, it is a tie between 3 things: The Magical Crypto Friends, VESA and the sports figures giving their testimonies of how they got into crypto. I love the technology aspects like Lightning Network and the potential for Confidential Transactions. And I am interested in hearing from Pomp and Caitlin Long as well. But my heart is with the creatives and the backstories behind how people got into this space.

Who can attendees expect to hear/see while at your event?
As I mentioned earlier, we run the gamut. Pomp, Caitlin Long, Bobby Lee, Alex Machinsky, Ron Paul, 75% of the Magical Crypto Friends, Ben Askren, and other athletes. Charlie and the other Board Directors, of course.

What makes this event different from last year’s Litecoin summit?
This year, we are in lovely Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. That alone is a must see! We have an after party again, but this one will be sponsored by BTSE. Sandwiched in between the first day’s speakers and the after party is the first ever eSports tournament with winnings given out in cryptocurrencies. The Litecoin Foundation is a partner in this, and the charity organizations we teamed up with will benefit from these activities as well. So lots of fun things going on. Every attendee is able to go to all of these events when they purchase a Summit ticket. The ROI for attendees is incomparable by crypto conference standards.

Is there anything else you would specifically like us to share about your event?
Tickets are incredibly well priced for the amount and quality of speakers, swag and peripheral events, and the location is literally full of wonderful activities. Not only that, but we get to show our support for the entire crypto space by being a part of Blockchain Week, put together by Evolv Events. We are excited to make Las Vegas the home for the 2nd Annual Litecoin Summit, and we hope to see everyone there!





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